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Shae Dupuy #StrongIsBeautiful

Welcome to STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL, a movement created by Shae Dupuy and her team dedicated to promoting positivity and encouraging everyone to just “BE U”.

“It’s so important how we view and think of ourselves, and everyone should feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Every day we see ads focused on telling us how we should think and feel about ourselves and also how we should look. Honestly, everyone should think, feel and look like themselves and send the message that we all need to BE U.”

Shae began the movement with a month long campaign in April 2017, sharing how she keeps her mind, body and soul strong, and encourages everyone to do the same. To share the movement, Shae posted weekly videos, created an Instagram account and encouraged people from all over the world to “JOIN THE MOVEMENT” by sharing their photos of when they feel most confident & strong, by tagging @STRONGIS_BEAUTIFUL and using the #StrongIsBeautiful Hashtag.

The movement was an overwhelming success, and we thank everyone who joined us on Instagram, took pics with our street teams, joined our events, and shared their incredible stories with us.

We decided to keep the movement is going all year round, so keep posting pictures, JOIN THE MOVEMENT HERE at @STRONGIS_BEAUTIFUL and use the #StrongIsBeautiful Hashtag.

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